Urianian bronze age – Suraetua

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The bronze age was very rich in our country, due to the discovery of the famous copper mines. It is characterised by settlements and even towns consisting of domed stone houses with stone ringwalls. These settlements are scattered all across the country and the oldest of them are found inside the Ul-Muna valley. These are older than the earliest dates of objects found at the copper mine site, but even in the oldest ones, dated to around 2000 BCE, copper and bronze artifacts are found.

We call this culture the Suraetua culture, and as the earliest Urianian records mention some details of its history, it isn't entirely prehistoric. It seems to have been divided into numerous small kingdoms, listed as follows:

Akaty, Aky, Amgy, Amilc, Ardy, Arwa, Aryagaty, Aynassja, Dewy, Erdja, Hamy, Hasyktij, Ity, Izyaat, Jaw-Aghja, Jogy, Ktesa, Meny, Meso, Nagmawda, Naity, Naly, Negy, Nermaya, Newja, Njonja, Nunanja, Olgidoj, Raryksad, Regiv, Royja, Rudja, Sadi, Sagyat, Samwa, Supod, Tamod, Tary, Tidy, Tnandy, Tnary, Tsjuja, Umolvu, and Zany.

If we are to believe these records, it seems the Urianian habit of making property inheritable through the maternal line may have its origin in the Suraetua culture.