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Business and investment opportunities

From ancient times, the main source of wealth in Uriania has been minerals, along with fishery and agriculture. Industrialism came slowly to our shores, but our abundance of hydroelectric power gave it a boost around the beginning of the 20th century. Metals and metal products have figured strongly since, but today they are complemented by a wide range of industrial produce. Especially, the petrochemical industry has grown strongly since the discovery of shelf oil in the 1960s.


The rich soils in the west and south along with a benevolent climate have been exploited for millennia with good effect. In the coastal regions, animals can graze outdoors all year. Due to the benign influence of the Gulf Stream, wine grapes can grow and ripen in the southwest, and for years, the North Shore Winery in Wickford has been the northernmost wine producer in the world.


Fishery does not play the role it has played in former centuries. Still, Urianian vessels trawl many a bank, and the fishing industry employs thousands.


With the amount of rainfall we get, it's no surprise that we are in position to harvest rather a lot of TWh's from our waterfalls. Especially where the western plains rise into the eastern mountains, many falls have been tamed and brought to silence. Power shortages lately have given rise to demands for more exploitation, but the development of wind power, in which our resources also are huge, has relieved the pressure a bit.


Mining has been important since the bronze age, and several towns exist only because of mining, including Finstad with the famous old copper mines, Stone and Polonia in the southern mountains, and Menset, the most recent addition in the hills of the northwest. In addition to copper, iron, titanium, nickel, cobalt, lead, silver, gold, vanadium, and rare earths, including uranium, make significant impacts on the world production statistics.